Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zaheer Khan will marry Isha Sharvani

Zaheer Khan will marry Isha Sharvani

Zaheer Khan Clean bold by Isha Sharvani, Bollywood actress Bold is about to clean. Zaheer buzz : soon going to marry my friend Isha.

Zaheer after winning the World Cup, said Bakhtiar's father is our desire that Zaheer get married as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Isha with the Zaheer was asked about marriage he went up but did not detract from the point of marriage.

In World Cup tournament, the great bowling from India's Zaheer, 005 was the time when the Indian cricket team was returning from a tour of Australia. Team from Australia to farewell the cultural program,
Zaheer is believed that only give them your heart sitting. However, news came in the middle distance between the two increases in 2007 were but after that both in life and the news did not come

Mohali, India - Pakistan during the World Cup semi-sitting in the visitors gallery of Isha performance of Zaheer was seen screaming and celebrating the happiness and it was guessed that the attachment between the two is still intact.

Zaheer's father said last week now completed my son's dream and we want to get married so we also dream Zaheer soon be completed.
Isha is also being considered for the area near Khar in Mumbai to take Zaheer Khan was running around a lot. Zaheer made him a gym near his home also reminded of the free membership

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