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Veena Malik Goes Nude with ISI tattoo For FHM Men Magazine

Veena Malik goes nude, complete with ISI tattoo

Veena Malik Goes Nude For FHM Men Magazine

Row over Pakistan actress Veena Malik nude 'ISI' photo

Veena Malik goes nude, complete with ISI tattoo

veena nude

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has almost certainly roiled the establishment back home posing nude on the latest issue of FHMmagazine -- with a tattoo on her arm reading ISI.

Veena Malik has stirred controversy in both Pakistan and India — and this time she is not even involved. An alleged photograph of the actress posing nude appeared on the Indian online edition of the international monthly men’s lifestyle magazine FHM on Friday, but her PR manager confirmed to The Express Tribunethat the photograph is fake.
When contacted by The Express Tribune, Veena Malik’s PR Manager Sohail Rashid said Malik has not done any such photo shoot.
He added that Malik was unaware about the shoot, since she was currently busy shooting for two movies in India.
Rashid said that she has instructed him to approach their lawyer, on December 3, to deliberate a legal course of action with regards to the matter.
“Veena knows her limits. I know we have done quite bold stuff/shoots, those which are available on our website, but she knows her parameters. Yes we need to be bold for international magazines, but she won’t cross her limits,” Rashid added.
The picture – which was posted on FHM India’s website, Facebook page and Twitter account simultaneously – was cited as the cover of the magazine’s December 2011 issue.
The actress was shown naked, brandishing an Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) tattoo on her arm, linked to text that says “hand in the end of the world too?”.
The magazine cover made waves online, with many speculating over the authenticity of the photograph.
Times of India report quoted Malik while speaking during the photo shoot:
“It’s tough standing on one leg, while trying to cover up with one hand and running the other through my hair – you guys are going to pay for this.”
In a new Times of India report, Veena has been quoted denying she has posed nude for the magazine. She says the photographs have been morphed.
“I have never posed nude. I have never done anything like that ever. My manager and legal team is looking into the matter. We will take legal action against them.”
“The picture has been morphed. Its not me. Definitely not.”
FHM India Editor Kabeer Sharma denies her claim and says the magazine has proof of the photo shoot.
“The photo shoot was done in Mumbai on November 22. We have a video of the photo shoot.”
“I also have an email from Veena in which she says she has seen the photos and is happy with them, and that she’s looking forward to seeing the cover.”

Not only has the picture got the online community talking, Pakistani diva, Meera – who had earlier called Veena a “cheap girl” – was active on Twitter commenting on the picture:
TheMeeraJee Hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa OMG
TheMeeraJee what the f……………………
TheMeeraJee Completely mad woman
This is not the first time that FHM India has been accused of manipulating photographs.
According to reports, Indian actress Kajal Agarwal had accused the magazine of “morphing” her pictures taken at a photo shoot for the September 2011 issue.

Pakistani bombshell Veena Malik, who became a rage during her stint in Bigg Boss, has now gone nude for the cover of FHM magazine

Hot, sensuous and seductive; Veena Malik definitely knows how to keep her fans on tenterhooks. After her long affair with Pakistani cricketer Mohmmad Asif and her now-on-now-off relationship with Ashmit Patel, the bootilicious babe became the controversy queen. Veena has been in talks with several production houses for a Bollywood project and will be making her debut in Bollywood in 2012 with Dil Mein Kuch Kala Hai. She is also in the news currently for going groom hunting on national television in Veena Malik Ka Swayamwar. And now there’s a new one. The gutsy girl has bared it all for the cover of FHM magazine’s latest issue. One thing that struck us was the ‘ISI’ tattoo on her right arm. Is Ms Malik trying to make some kind of statement through it or is it just another way of creating controversy? And that’s not all, this issue also has Veena talking on controversial subjects like burqas, visa troubles and more. The photograph has been shot by ace lensman Vishal Saxena. As far as we know this is the real thing, but we wait for Veena Malik to start protesting.
PhotoCredit: FHM Magazine Cover
A row has erupted over an image of Pakistani actress Veena Malik sporting the initials ISI on her arm, with FHM India insisting it is not fake.
It has caused a sensation in Pakistan for both the nudity and the initials of Pakistan's controversial Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency.
Pakistani media have quoted a spokesman for Ms Malik as saying she never took part in such a photoshoot.
But FHM India's editor told the BBC that nothing had been doctored.
"We have video footage of the shoot as well as emails from Veena about how she's looking forward to the cover," Kabeer Sharma told the BBC's Nosheen Abbas in Islamabad.
"The idea to have ISI written on her arm was mine, and it was Veena's idea to have it in block letters," he added.
He said that the image was intended to be playful, saying that: "In India we joke about this... if anything goes wrong... we say the ISI must be behind this."
The ISI has been in the headlines in recent months after senior US officials accused it of supporting militants based in Pakistan's tribal areas who target Western troops in Afghanistan.
In September the most senior US military officer Adm Mike Mullen said that the Haqqani militant network "acts as a veritable arm of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Agency".
Pakistan has vehemently denied such allegations.
Pakistan outrage
Correspondents say that the image, which is the cover of the December issue of the Indian edition of the global men's magazine, has caused a storm in Pakistan with many people expressing outrage over the nudity and the boldness of the photo.
Many Pakistanis on the micro-blogging site Twitter are also expressing bemusement at the image.
The Express Tribune newspaper in Pakistan said a representative of Ms Malik had denied she posed for the shoot.
"Veena knows her limits. I know we have done quite bold stuff/shoots, those which are available on our website, but she knows her parameters," Sohail Rashid is quoted as saying.
FHM's editor said he had never heard of the representative and added that Ms Malik had not got in touch to ask him to modify or remove the image.
The actress has been at the centre of controversy before.
She caused outrage among conservative circles in Pakistan for appearing on the Indian reality show Bigg Boss in 2010. She hit the headlines again in March this year by challenging the views of a Pakistani cleric on television

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